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Are you looking for a restaurant where you can eat gluten free with confidence? Are you travelling interstate and need to find a place to eat at your destination?

Our directory of places to eat includes Coeliac Australia’s Gluten Free Accreditation Program trial participants and state Coeliac organisation professional members.


Coeliac Australia Gluten Free Accreditation Program Trial

Three businesses in New South Wales are participating in our trial after undergoing extensive training and being audited on an annual basis to ensure you can ‘eat with confidence’ in these establishments. These restaurants are aware of cross contamination and the processes involved in preparing gluten free meals.

Look for our unique gluten free symbol to identify gluten free dishes.

Coeliac Australia Gluten Free Accreditation Logo

Remember, only businesses that have passed an intensive accreditation process, including an on-site audit, are entitled to use this unique gluten free symbol.


Coeliac Australia Professional Members

These restaurants have received fact sheets and information on catering for the gluten free customer. They have been made aware of cross contamination and identifying gluten free ingredients. These restaurants do not have an annual audit and are not entitled to use the unique gluten free symbol. Businesses that are members of the state Coeliac organisations are identified in these directories with a star logo. We encourage you to support them.

Professional memberships are currently being phased out to be replaced by the Gluten Free Accreditation Program and an online Gluten Free Training Module.  


Members Sharing Good Dining Experiences (Shared Listing)

Coeliac Australia members have visited these restaurants and had a good dining experience, enjoying the gluten free options that were on offer, so they want to let other members know about them.

Coeliac Australia does not endorse these restaurants or guarantee that they have procedures in place to prevent cross contamination.

As always, we recommend you follow these simple steps when dining out:

  1. Book ahead and confirm they are able to meet your gluten free requirement.
  2. When placing your order, confirm that you require a gluten free meal (even if it is marked gluten free on the menu).
  3. When the meal arrives, confirm with your waiter that this is your gluten free request.

Click on the state names below to view their restaurant list:

New South Wales & ACT
South Australia & NT
Victoria & Tasmania
Western Australia


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