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While it is estimated that 1% of the population has coeliac disease, and only 1 out of 5 (20%) of this number have actually been diagnosed, surveys show that up to 28% of the population follow a gluten free diet to some degree. This has resulted in an increasing demand for gluten free products, as well as gluten free options at restaurants and cafes.

To help the food industry meet customer demand for gluten free options, Coeliac Australia state organisations offer resources and professional membership to assist both restaurants/cafes and manufacturers/retailers.

Alternatively, if you regularly cater for people with coeliac disease (e.g. nursing home, school tuckshop) you will find our gluten free catering guide and professional or Food Service membership helpful. Check with your state Coeliac organisation to see what they offer to best meet your needs.

Advertising, endorsement and sponsorship opportunities are also available for gluten free food businesses.


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