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Eating away from home is perhaps one of the biggest challenges faced by people with coeliac disease. It can be daunting and stressful for a person to find options that are provided using best practice for gluten free food preparation. The Coeliac Australia Gluten Free Accreditation Program ensures that the gluten free consumer can dine with confidence where they see the unique ‘GF’ symbol.

A 2015 Coeliac Australia survey showed that trust is a major issue and 62% reported that fear of cross contamination prevents gluten free diners with coeliac disease from eating out. Not surprisingly, only 9% trusted a gluten free claim.

The Coeliac Australia Gluten Free Accreditation Program comprises of an audit against the Gluten Free Standard for Food Service Providers to ensure that best practice processes have been implemented. Participants are licensed to use the unique 'GF' symbol on menus and advertising. This symbol lets the gluten free community know that they can 'eat with confidence' at your establishment.

If you would like to learn how you could build your gluten free business, please contact our office, marking attention to our Project Officer, Cathy Di Bella.


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