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Finding gluten free marked on a menu twenty years ago was very rare and today it is hard to find an establishment that doesn’t have a gluten free option. On the surface, it looks like there is a great abundance of gluten free options available. Yet, more and more people are finding it frustrating to locate gluten free food that has not been compromised by cross contamination, such as through the use of a shared fryer or toaster.

Coeliac Australia has developed the Gluten Free Standard for the Australian Food Service Sector as the best practice for gluten free food preparation. Whether you are a small café, fine dining, hospital or aged care provider, the basic principles of the Standard apply. Coeliac Australia urges all food service establishments to implement the Standard when offering gluten free options.

The Standard consists of three main principles:

Source - ensuring all components on the gluten free menu are gluten free.

Segregate - ensuring that all the ingredients are free from cross contamination throughout all stages of meal preparation.

Service - staff training and ensuring clear communication lines between diner, front and back-of-house.

The Gluten Free Accreditation Program will assist you in letting the gluten free consumers know that they can eat with confidence in your establishment.

Download the Gluten Free Standard for the Australian Food Service Sector


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Gluten Free Standard for the Australian Food Service Sector

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