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More and more Australians are being diagnosed with coeliac disease. This means there is an ever growing demand for high quality gluten free products. Coeliac Australia appreciates the efforts of manufacturers who are providing gluten free products to meet this demand.

People with coeliac disease source their gluten free products from supermarkets, health food shops, online and other independent retailers. The ‘Health Food Section’ of major supermarkets is often the first port of call, but they are also encouraged to identify suitable products in other supermarket aisles.

There are advertising opportunities available in the quarterly national magazine, The Australian Coeliac, and various promotional opportunities available through each state Coeliac organisation.

Coeliac Australia also operates an endorsement program, permitting manufacturers who subscribe to the program to use the Coeliac Australia Endorsement Logo on endorsed gluten free product packaging and marketing material, indicating that the product is suitable for a gluten free diet.

Additional Resources

  • Product Information Form (PIF) - a standardised universal supplier questionnaire designed to capture standard information about ingredients, such as the presence of allergens, country of origin, performance characteristics, compliance with specifications and shipping information.
  • Allergen Management and Labelling Guide - provides an overview of the regulatory requirements in Australia and New Zealand for the mandatory declaration of food allergens, guidance on good manufacturing practice, recommended labelling formats and the use the risk assessment process referred to as Voluntary Incidental Trace Allergen Labelling (VITAL).
  • Voluntary Incidental Trace Allergen Labelling (VITAL) - an essential standardised allergen risk assessment tool for food producers and allows the impact of allergen cross contact to be assessed.

    The VITAL Best Practice Labelling Guide is for members of the food industry who are using the VITAL Program, have preferably received VITAL training, and who understand the food labelling requirements of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. 

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