Member Discount Program

Each year, every financial member is issued with an exclusive member card. This card can be used to receive daily 5% discounts on over 75 gluten free products at Coles, as well as specials offered by other businesses who have opted to join the member discount program in each state.

Coles member discounts


Exclusive member discounts EVERY DAY - 5% off over 75 gluten free products

Coles now offers members of state Coeliac organisations 5% off a selected range of gluten free products. Now your membership delivers even better value with these exclusive discounts on a wide range of gluten free products every day of the year.

View the list of selected products attracting the every day 5% discount


The gluten free products discounted for members in Coles stores nationally will be advertised on this page. Check this page regularly for the updated discounts available.

In addition, this exclusive offer is available at Coles Online. Simple click the link below, log into your Coles Online account and register your membership details. The discount will be applied when you go to Checkout.

Member 5% discount offer at Coles Online


Terms and Conditions of Coles card use:

  1. Coles will nominate the exclusive member specials on gluten free food. The card can only be used in relation to those advertised member discounts.
  2. This card can be used at all Coles, Bi-Lo, Pick ’n Pay, Coles Central stores and Coles Online but excludes Coles Express.
  3. The card must be presented and scanned at the register at the time of purchase to receive your discount. If the card is not presented, no discount can be given.
  4. The card commences 1 September 2014 and expires on 31 August 2015.
  5. Discount to apply over and above any other Coles discount offer.
  6. Maximum of two cards per household membership.
  7. Lost cards are to be reported to your state Coeliac organisation for cancellation and replacement.
  8. Use of the card constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. This card is not transferable.
  9. Coles reserves the right to: (i) vary the terms and conditions of use; and (ii) change or discontinue any discount, at any time without notice.
  10. The card must not be copied or reproduced. The card may be retained at the Point of Sale if expired, invalid or fraudulently used.


Member discount program

As an added benefit to members, the Coeliac state organisations are working to build a network of food retailers and eateries that will offer discounts or specials to our members when they present their member discount card at the time of purchase. Nationally, there are approximately 150 businesses who have joined the program, and more are signing up every week.

Each state provides a list of these food retailers and eateries on their website.

When travelling interstate, look for the Coeliac member discount sign in stores and eateries, or go to the following state websites to download the list of outlets.

New South Wales & ACT
South Australia & Northern Territory
Victoria & Tasmania
Western Australia


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