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Gluten Free Labelling – Productivity Commission Inquiry Report

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30 Mar 2017

The Productivity Commission has recommended changes to gluten free food labelling as part of its broad Inquiry Report into the Regulation of Australian Agriculture.

The Commission recommended that Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) establish a new standard that defines a level of gluten in foods that is generally tolerated for gluten intolerant consumers. 

The review by Cochrane Australia, the Systematic Review of Safe level of Gluten for People with Coeliac Disease (February 2016) concluded that a safe threshold level of intake of gluten cannot be defined for all people with coeliac disease at the present time. 

Coeliac Australia supports the current FSANZ definition of ‘gluten free’ - being nil detectable gluten.

The Productivity Commission has raised concern that technology advances in the detection of gluten could prevent food producers from making a ‘gluten free’ claim and lead to a reduction in food choices.

Ensuring the ongoing availability of suitable gluten free food choices for people who are medically diagnosed as requiring a gluten free diet is a key priority for Coeliac Australia. This is why we have established a Food Industry Advisory Committee to provide expert advice on issues affecting food manufacturing, labelling and the affordability and accessibility of gluten free foods in Australia.

The Department of Agriculture will review and respond to the Productivity Commission’s Recommendation. Coeliac Australia will keep members informed of any developments.

Productivity Commission Report (pp. 426-430)



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