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We often receive queries from people who have found wording on the label of a packaged product that is confusing or does not seem correct. We respond to all enquiries and investigate further where an explanation is not immediately apparent.

Contacting the manufacturers usually allows us to speak the science behind the product directly with the technical team responsible. Should irregularities exist that could compromise health safety, we do what we can to work effectively with the manufacturer to benefit all who require reliable gluten free products.

One area of product labelling that we are most concerned with is the overuse of precautionary statements, as it unnecessarily restricts food choices. Research into the use of precautionary statements in Australia has shown that manufacturers tend to overuse rather than underuse them. Part of what we do involves working with manufacturers where we can to minimise the unnecessary use of precautionary labelling to maximise food choices without compromising food safety.

In instances where the manufacturer is non-responsive and/or a gross breach of the code has occurred (which may result in risk to public health), the matter will be passed to the relevant authority to investigate and take appropriate action.

If you have come across a packaged product with confusing or incorrect labelling relating to gluten content, you can submit an enquiry with us using the Packaged Product Enquiry form below. Alternatively, you can download the electronic form to complete at a later time and submit via email along with any photos of the packaging that you are enquiring about.


Download Electronic Form (to complete later and submit via email)


Packaged Product Enquiry Form



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