The following resources can be downloaded as PDF files or printed copies can be ordered, free of charge, using the resource order form below. These resources can be provided to patients who are seeking a diagnosis of coeliac disease or have recently been diagnosed.


Coeliac disease – gives an overview of what coeliac disease is, who gets coeliac disease, the range of symptoms, steps to being diagnosed and the benefits of diagnosis. Download

Conditions associated with coeliac disease – outlines a range of other medical conditions that can be associated with coeliac disease. Download


Patient referral form – can be used by doctors and medical specialists to refer their patients to state organisations of Coeliac Australia. Download

Referral cards – can be used by allied health professionals (e.g. pharmacists and dietitians) to refer clients to state organisations of Coeliac Australia. Download

Diagnostic postcard – designed for health professionals, this card provides a flowchart of the steps involved in the diagnosis of coeliac disease, including specific test names. Download



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Coeliac disease brochure
Conditions associated with coeliac disease brochure
Patient referral form
Referral card
Diagnostic postcard

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