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Due to the development of our new Gluten Free Accreditation Program the old Restaurant Directory is now only available to our members, so it has been moved to the Members Area on each state website. Please log in to your state organisation website to access it on the Restaurant List page from the Members Area menu.

As the Gluten Free Accreditation Program becomes established, accredited businesses will be listed in a publicly available Dining Directory.


Restaurant Directory - Members Sharing Good Dining Experiences

Coeliac Australia members have access to a list of restaurants that other members have visited, where they enjoyed a good dining experience with the gluten free options that were on offer. This list is available only in the Members Area on each of the state websites.

These restaurants are not accredited or endorsed by Coeliac Australia, nor does Coeliac Australia guarantee that they have procedures in place to prevent cross contamination.

As always, we recommend you follow these simple steps when dining out:

  1. Book ahead and confirm they are able to meet your gluten free requirement.
  2. When placing your order, confirm that you require a gluten free meal (even if it is marked gluten free on the menu).
  3. When the meal arrives, confirm with your waiter that this is your gluten free request.

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