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Coeliac Australia is here to support you with information and resources as you guide your patients through their coeliac disease diagnosis and help them manage their gluten free diet.


Health Professional membership through Coeliac state organisations is available to keep you up to date with the latest in coeliac disease and the gluten free diet. The resources you receive will assist you in answering questions from patients and will increase your overall understanding of coeliac disease. Members also receive additional benefits, ask your state Coeliac organisation for more details on these benefits.

Does one of your patients have coeliac disease?

Encourage your patients to join their state Coeliac organisation to access credible information and ongoing support. Dr Jason Tye-Din, a gastroenterologist specialising in coeliac disease and Chairman of Coeliac Australia Medical Advisory Committee, has found that of his patients, the ones who become members of Coeliac Australia are better equipped for, and more able to adhere to, a strict gluten free lifestyle than those who try to do it alone.

Medical Advisory Committee

Coeliac Australia is committed to providing its members with the most current and relevant information. We have a panel of leading experts available to advise on best practice for diagnosis and management of coeliac disease and to ensure we remain up to date with current coeliac disease and gluten research. Our Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) consists of leading adult and paediatric Gastroenterologists, Immunologists, General Practitioners and Accredited Practising Dietitians.

Current issue statement: Point of Care Testing - download full statement prepared by MAC.


Coeliac Australia is committed to improving diagnosis rates and to funding innovative, world-class research into the prevention, diagnosis, management and cure or other ethical forms of treatment for coeliac disease. Continuing research is vital if improvements in lifestyle and treatments for people with coeliac disease are to occur.


Coeliac Australia has developed a range of resources for health professionals to order free of charge, including brochures and patient referral cards.

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Chronic Disease Management templates
- Medical Director
- Best Practice
- Genie
- Zed Med
- PDF Form

Printed resources
Diagnosing coeliac disease fact sheet
Coeliac disease brochure
Conditions associated with coeliac disease brochure
Plain English Coeliac Disease Fact Sheet
Family Screening Letter
Patient referral form
Referral card
Diagnostic postcard

Position statements
Oats and the gluten free diet
Point of Care Testing - Full statement by MAC
Gluten free standard

GESA - health information fact sheets



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