Research is a core activity for Coeliac Australia (CA). CA seeks to support innovative research projects that may lead to improvements in our understanding of coeliac disease, its diagnosis, its clinical manifestations, its complications, its therapy and its pathogenesis. The source of the funding provided is tax deductible donations, bequests and gifts.

CA has a commitment to achieving the best possible clinical outcomes through high quality basic and clinical research. CA supports three research areas as listed below; they are relevant to three population groups at different stages of the coeliac disease journey:

  1. Those diagnosed with coeliac disease
  2. Those who have coeliac disease but are not diagnosed
  3. Those at risk of developing coeliac disease


Successful studies to be funded by research grants - 2016 

Coeliac Australia has announced almost $500,000 in funding to support three groundbreaking Australian research projects in a bid to enhance the quality of life for people with coeliac disease.

The three research projects to receive funding are:

  • Why does the gluten free diet fail?
  • Determining the safety of oats for people with coeliac disease
  • Can hookworms cure coeliac disease?

Download the Media Release for more information.

Further reading - download Coeliac Australia funds new research projects article published in The Australian Coeliac magazine, September 2016.


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