Multilingual Fact Sheets

Coeliac Victoria & Tasmania has kindly supplied the following multilingual fact sheets to provide important information about coeliac disease to members of the community who do not read English or where English is their second language, covering such topics as;

  • What is coeliac disease?
  • How do I find out if I have coeliac disease?
  • Coeliac disease symptom checklist
  • Culturally specific gluten free diet information

Development of these fact sheets was made possible through the generosity of The William Angliss Foundation Victoria. 

These documents can be downloaded in PDF format below:
(Note: An English version of each fact sheet is also given to assist
English speaking support people).

Arabic/Lebanese English (Arabic/Lebanese) 
Greek  English (Greek)
 Hindi English (Hindi)
Italian  English (Italian)
 Persian/Farsi English (Persian/Farsi) 
 Spanish English (Spanish)
 Tamil English (Tamil) 
 Turkish English (Turkish) 











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Victorian Government - Translated health information (other than coeliac disease)



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